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الگوی ایجاد نرم‌افزار: مار و پله!

پیش‌گفتار: مدتی است که با خود می‌اندیشم تجربیات‌م را در حوزه‌ی نرم‌افزار در اینجا بنویسم، هم ماندگار خواهد شد و هم شاید به دوستی کمک کند. نمی‌دانم “الگوی ایجاد نرم‌افزار” عبارت مناسبی هست یا نه، ولی تا یافتن عبارت مناسب‌تر از آن استفاده خواهم کرد. بازی مار و پله مار و پله، یک بازی کودکانه […]

Beautiful Design and Code ۲۹ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۰
طبقه‌بندی مفاهیم (classification)

نوشته‌ای از دوست گرانقدرم، روح الله دلپاک که در اینجا (تلگرام: خواندم: … یوسف مهرداد، وقتی می‌خواست سختی و پیچیدگی طبقه‌بندی مفاهیم (classification) را توضیح دهد، شعری از «شل سیلوراستاین»، شاعر، داستان‌سرا و کارتونیست آمریکایی را مثال می‌زد: I asked the Zebra, are you black with white stripes? Or white with black stripes? And […]

Beautiful Design and Code ۲۱ فروردین ۱۴۰۰
beautiful code

function makeAdder(x) { return function(y) { return x + y; }; } var add5 = makeAdder(۵); var add10 = makeAdder(۱۰); console.log(add5(۲)); // ? console.log(add10(۲)); // ?

Beautiful Design and Code ۲۱ فروردین ۱۴۰۰
Understanding Coupling and Cohesion

I invited some of my friends to discuss the nebulous concepts of coupling and cohesion in software design. How do we think about these topics? How do we understand the terms? How do we use that in our work as programmers? How do we teach it to others? How much does any of it even […]

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Engineering Playbook

CSE Code-With Customer/Partner Engineering Playbook An engineer working for a CSE project… Has responsibilities to their team – mentor, coach, and lead. Knows their playbook. Follows their playbook. Fixes their playbook if it is broken. If they find a better playbook, they copy it. If somebody could use your playbook, give them yours. Leads by […]

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Awesome Agile

Awesome Agile Awesome List of resources on Agile Software Development. Contents The Fundamentals Key Concepts Agile Adoption Team and Roles Engineering Product Development User Stories and Estimation Ceremonies Metrics Agile Leadership Blogs and Podcasts The Fundamentals Agile Manifesto Agile Principles Agile Glossary Agile Mindset Periodic Table of Agile Principles and Practices – by Jerome Kehrli […]

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Six Conditions of High Performance in the Workplace

Research suggests these six psychological conditions help employees and teams to perform at their best. Connect to Perform empowers managers and employees to have conversations throughout the year to help foster these conditions. Purpose There are different kinds of purpose: Task Purpose: Knowing our work counts so our efforts aren’t wasted or excessive. Collective Purpose: […]