Escaping Method Prison

  • یوسف مهرداد

The paper “Escaping Method Prison” by Ivar Jacobson was honored in “The best agile paper 2018”. (this),

Key Takeaways

  • An understanding of the concept method prison with its side effects gurus, method wars and the zig-zag path, and why it is “the most foolish thing in the world”.
  • Escaping method prisons by adopting the Essence standard and getting a common ground on top of which to deal with your methods.
  • The team gets a) practices easier to teach/learn/change/compare, b) practices easy to apply giving guidance in daily work and stimulating teamwork, and c) a practice library, from which practices can be selected and composed to entire methods.
  • The executives get a) the organization to move from essentially being a craft to essentially being an engineering discipline, b) a forever learning organization with a practice library that continuously is improved as teams learn more and more, and c) a tool to measure progress and health for existing projects independent on which method is being used.
  • The industry gets industrial scale agile – from craft to engineering.
یوسف مهرداد

یوسف مهرداد

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