SEMAT — Software Engineering Method and Theory

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«We are some people who have observed software engineering theory and practice of the past decades and have realized that it is now time to revitalize this discipline. We have been quietly planning a “revolution”.
Since then I have advanced gradually. First, I explored this idea by publishing a paper, entitled “In need of a theory in software engineering”, first in China (in Chinese) and then in Australia. Later on I joined forces with two colleagues of mine, Bertrand Meyer, the creator of Eiffel, and Richard Solely, the chairman of OMG. We have formed a community called SEMAT (Software Engineering Method and Theory). Its goal is to make software engineering a more systematic discipline than it has been in the past.
This effort started with a Call for Action a few weeks ago. To put it in a sharply simplified way, we state: 1) software engineering is not a mature discipline, and 2) this situation has to be changed fundamentally ”based on a solid theory, proven principles and best practices that include a kernel of widely-agreed elements,” etc.
The big challenge of this initiative is to achieve consensus among so many strong and driving forces. SEMAT differs from other initiatives in that we are not trying to unify the world around a method, but rather, focusing on the creation of a small kernel that contains elements that we always have when we develop software. We call these kernel elements universals. Furthermore, we insist that industry and research communities should be harmonized. Both of them have their strengths and have their unique roles to play, but they need to work together as a team resulting in a synergy for us to be successful.»
Reference: Ivar Jacobson’s Blog

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یوسف مهرداد

یوسف مهرداد

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