The SPACE of Developer Productivity

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The SPACE of Developer Productivity (Link)
Nicole Forsgren, Margaret-Anne Storey, Chandra Maddila, Thomas Zimmermann, Brian Houck, Jenna Butler,
ACM Queue, 28 February 2021

Developer productivity is about more than an individual’s activity levels or the efficiency of the engineering systems relied on to ship software, and it cannot be measured by a single metric or dimension. The SPACE framework captures different dimensions of productivity, and here we demonstrate how this framework can be used to understand productivity in practice and why using it will help teams better understand developer productivity and create better measures to inform their work and teams.

Myths and Misconceptions About Developer Productivity:
Myth 1: Productivity is all about developer activity.
Myth 2: Productivity is only about individual performance.
Myth 3: One productivity metric can tell us everything.
Myth 4: Productivity measures are useful only for managers.
Myth 5: Productivity is only about engineering systems and developer tools.

The Dimensions Of Productivity:
Satisfaction and well-being: How fulfilled, happy, and healthy one is
Performance: An outcome of a process
Activity: The count of actions or outputs
Communication and collaboration: How people talk and work together
Efficiency and flow: Doing work with minimal delays or interruptions

The Levels:
Individual: One person
Team or Group: People that work together
System: End-to-end work through a system(like a development pipeline)

Example Metrics:
یوسف مهرداد

یوسف مهرداد

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