• یوسف مهرداد
In 1914, Thomas J. Watson, Sr. joined the company that was to become
IBM, and he brought with him this simple one-word motto. It was an
exhortation to all IBM employees, no matter their role, to take care in
decision-making and do their jobs with intelligence. “THINK” soon became
an icon, appearing on publications, calendars, and plaques in the
offices of many IT and business managers within and outside IBM, and
even in The New Yorker magazine cartoons. “THINK” was a good idea in
۱۹۱۴, and it is a good idea now.
یوسف مهرداد

یوسف مهرداد

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  • صدرا

    ۲۵ بهمن ۱۳۹۰ در ۰۰:۰۰

    شوق وبلاگ نویسیست که ما سرپاییم/
    آمدم دوست ، بدانید که ما می آییم..

  • نصیری سینا

    ۱۵ اسفند ۱۳۹۰ در ۰۰:۰۰

    عالی…ولی خیلی خصصی بود..


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